Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Hi's from Gina!

Hi hi my Kappa Pi's! =b

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! It's 2010.. I can't believe how fast time flies. For example, 2010 means Spring semester is starting soon, which means Winter break is almost over. Man.. Where did it go? So what has Gina been doing this Winter break?! I shall sum it up for you =b

No, I didn't draw or design.. In fact, I didn't even think about grids, typography, hierarchy, color schemes, concepts & ideas. What I was doing was: WORKING! Full time at Nordstroms, most tiring/competitive/exhausting job EVER, but the best yet. | Buying new little things here and there | Watching Korean dramas, like always | Studying Korean | Learning to knit & play the piano | And fulfilling my odd-recently new found OBSESSED with nail polish :D

So not exactly illustration & design per se, but crafts & new found relaxing hobbies, shall I say?

Oh~ Also finished this picture mosaic, finally.

Oh~ And just in case you were wondering, yes, that IS indeed Baby Gina~

And lastly, a picture with my 1/10th completed knitted scarf.
I plan to make this my Christmas present for Christmas 2010 ^_^
...On top of the piano, where I'm learning... A Korean song.. Surprise, surprise...

That's all for now~
Toodles my dearests!!

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  1. You rock that knitting, Gina. :D

    You should look into Ravelry. It's a great resource.