Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's New in New York?

Hey Guys!
I've missed you all so much and have been thinking of everyone. I hope everyone is having a good break and happy holidays!

So, my family and I just went up to New York and checked out what was happening with the art scene. We went up to the Guggenheim and MoMA; I just wanted to share a little with you guy about what is going on at these museums!

Guggenheim: The building itself is beautifully constructed in a manner that the floors spiral up so that the viewers of the artworks can enjoy the pieces as they walk around in a large circle. It makes for a very interesting experience. There are thousands of people that walk threw that museum every day and the design allows for a faster experience of what the museum has to offer! It is wonderful!

Kandinsky: The vast majority of this artist’s works are about exploring different forms and ways of expressing abstraction. His works included using paints on black backgrounds so that the color would pop and bring an added depth to the work. Many of these painting have a depth that is not often seen in paintings during the 1930’s.

Anish Kapoor: Kapoor’s 2008 exhibition, Memory is a large iron sculpture that takes up the majority of a room in the Guggenheim. It looks like a large balloon and is meant to appear is if it is floating on the floor of the museum. The viewer wants to walk around the sculpture but is unable to do so. From another vantage point earlier in the walk around the museum the viewer is able to see just a hit of the back of the balloon like sculpture. The point is that the viewer how ever much they want to see all of the piece, they cannot, just as they cannot always remember all of a memory.

MoMA: The Museum of Modern Art is exactly that. It is a museum pays its respects to the unusual and great works of the latest centuries.

Tim Burton...until April 26: I felt this exhibit would be the most helpful for many members of Kappa Pi. Tim Burton as we all know is a well-known artist. He is famous for he work with stop motion animation. Many of the characters from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and even a life-sized replica of Edward Scissor-Hands was there on display. What caught me most off guard was how large the actual puppets from the movies were. Each puppet is easily 18” or larger. The amount of detail was amazing to see up close. Sadly, no pictures were allowed to be taken in that portion of the museum.

I hope you all enjoyed my little tribute to these two museums.

Thank you,

Jennifer Martinelli

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